FAQ about Rotator Rod: The Curved Shower Curtain Rod that Flips!

FAQ about Rotator Rod: The Curved Shower Curtain Rod that Flips!

With a name like Rotator Rod, we constantly get questions about it, like what exactly is the Rotator Rod product? Does it really make a difference in small bathroom space? And the ever popular, who thought of it and how was it invented?! Here are the answers to those and other popular Rotator Rod questions!
FAQ about Rotator Rod, the Curved Shower Curtain Rod that Flips! from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

What is the Rotator Rod?

The Rotator Rod is the rotating, curved shower curtain rod that offers you the luxury of a standard curved shower curtain rod in the shower... but then rotates into the tub -- and out of the way -- while you use the rest of the bathroom! The flipping action of the Rotator Rod instantly allows you to use your bathroom space more efficiently, without remodeling or renovating. The Rotator Rod is the perfect fix for small bathrooms and rental spaces, and with our No Drilling Adapters you don't have to ruin your shower walls!

Does the Rotator Rod really make a difference in small bathrooms?

YES! The Rotator Rod expands your shower space up to 33% but then flips back into the shower so you don't permanently lose that precious bathroom space. It lets you finally have the luxury of a hotel shower in your very own bathroom without getting tangled in the shower curtain while washing your hands or using the toilet!

How was the Rotator Rod invented?

This ingenious invention was created by a fabulous woman named Colleen O'Connell, who was trying to make the best out of her small bathroom. Before the Rotator Rod, she "began each day having to peel the shower curtain off my body, and experiencing the shock of cold air while drying off!" says Colleen. "I had enjoyed the extra room and luxury of curved shower rods in hotels... and  remembered those rods provided the space that I so needed & enough room to dry off in the warmth of the shower. Figuring that was the answer, I bought a curved rod and happily installed it." 
Unfortunately, Colleen immediately ran into a problem: her new shower rod definitely gave her a more luxurious shower experience... but it took up waaaaay too much room in the rest of her tiny bathroom! "I discovered that whatever room was gained in the shower, was lost out of the shower," says Colleen. If the toilet or sink in your bathroom is right next to your shower, then you know exactly what Colleen is talking about!
Here "my stubborn streak came out," says Colleen. She wanted a way to use a curved shower curtain rod in the shower but then move it out of the way when she was using the rest of the bathroom. Taking the curved shower rod down after every shower was obviously not an option! Colleen had a groundbreaking idea: what if the curved shower curtain rod flipped into the shower when no one was showering? After months of trial and error, she created the first working prototype of the Rotator Rod out of parts of a standard shower curtain rod, rubber bands, bright orange Gatorade caps, wire, and screws. Colleen used it and loved it!
After telling her friends about her invention, Colleen realized her struggle between bathroom space and the luxury she craved was a universal problem. She began exploring the possibility of production... and the rest is history!
FAQ about Rotator Rod, the Curved Shower Curtain Rod that Flips! from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

Are there any other Rotator Rod bathroom products available?

We currently offer the Quik Dry Shower Liner from Rotator Rod. This new take on the traditional shower liner dries quickly and is shorter in length than typical shower curtain liners and curtains. Both these improvements eliminate pooling at the bottom of the shower and defends against mold and mildew. 
The new Quik Dry Shower Liner was specially designed for the curve of the Rotator Rod but it can be used with any shower curtain rod. The Rotator Rod holds the shower liner further away from the tub, which further expedites the drying time of the Quik Dry Shower Liner!
FAQ about Rotator Rod, the Curved Shower Curtain Rod that Flips! from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod
We will soon unveil a new line of bathroom accessories that use the patented No Drilling Required adapters. Don't worry, you'll be the first to know!

For more information on the Rotator Rod: visit our home page and a more extensive FAQ Section as well as Customer Reviews! What do you think of the Rotator Rod? Do you wish your small bathroom was bigger? Tell us what you think in the comments section below! 


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