Trending Now in Bathroom Decor: Spacious, Curved Shower Curtain Rods – Rotator Rod

Trending Now in Bathroom Decor: Spacious, Curved Shower Curtain Rods

Many people don't realize that just a single bathroom fixture upgrade can completely transform your bathroom space. Luckily, we're here to keep you in the know! Curved shower curtain rods aren't just for the major hotel chains anymore -- this accessory is on trend this spring. Look at this stunning example from Splash Galleries, Inc.
A curved shower curtain rod instantly transforms any bathroom or shower without having to do a costly and intensive remodel. The shape of a curved shower curtain rod softens bathroom space. It can also provide up to 33% more room in your shower, giving you a more enjoyable and luxurious shower experience. Check out these bird's eye views of the shower space you gain from Pinterest.
A simple switch of a shower curtain rod can make your bathroom feel like a spa while adding more space in your shower. Curved shower curtain rods also minimize splashing and ensure damp shower curtains doesn't cling to your skin. This is a perfect mix of function and aesthetic, just like this unique and peaceful bathroom as featured on Dornob.
For those with small bathrooms who are unable to sacrifice precious space, the Rotator Rod is a great option. It's innovative design expands both bathroom and shower space. Just rotate the curved shower curtain rod back into the tub after you shower and instantly you have a roomier bathroom! It is a great product for people who live in smaller homes and rentals or just have a remodeling budget. 

Here is another beautiful bathroom with a curved shower curtain rod that is featured on Better Homes and Gardens. 
What are some of your ideas to bring elegance to the bathroom space?


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