Complimenting My Rotator Rod with Innovative Shower Curtains

Complimenting My Rotator Rod with Innovative Shower Curtains

As I've said before, my innovative Rotator Rod (the only patented rotating curved shower rod on the market) should be paired with an equally innovative shower curtain! I'm not looking for some boring neutral curtain. On the contrary, I want a shower curtain that is unique, bold, and maybe even a little bit outrageous. The three shower curtains below shares these important elements.

I'm on the right track with the shower curtain below. It has a Picasso-vibe (for a lack of a better term) that I definitely like. However, I probably would get a headache staring at it every single day.

Okay, the next curtain is much more austere that the first one I showed you. If only it had a pop of color!

The third shower curtain is a tribute to Andy Warhol and the Pop Art Movement.

I'm definitely getting closer to finding the perfect one!


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