The Rotator Rod Summer Special- Sale Price of $30

The Rotator Rod Summer Special- Sale Price of $30

To celebrate the start of Summer, we at Rotator Rod want to treat our customers with a Summer Special! Starting this Saturday June 15th, we will be offering a limited number of "Generation 1" Rotator Rods for the special sale price of $30! That's a discount of over 40%!!!

What are "Generation 1" Rotator Rods?

"Generation 1" Rotator Rods are identical to the newer generation in every functional way.  The only difference is that they were designed before we had the ability to mount the Rotator Rod on hard surfaces without drilling.   As a result, these "Generation 1" Rotator Rods will not work with our No-Drill Adhesive Adaptors. 

Who would be interested in our Summer Special?

This is the perfect opportunity for those with drywall in their bathrooms OR those brave souls not afraid to drill holes into their tile or stone.

What finishes of Rotator Rod will be offered during this sale?

We will be selling a limited number of Rotator Rods with:
      • White End Caps and White Accent Balls
      • Chrome End Caps and Black Accent Balls
      • Chrome End Caps and White Accent Balls

Where can I purchase a Summer Special Rotator Rod?

Our Summer Special will be exclusively held on Simply click on the "Summer Special" icon on the homepage.

    Here are some photos of a "Generation 1" Rotator Rod to be offered during our Summer Special. As you can see, this rod is identical in functionality and quality to the newer generation.

    If you have any further questions regarding the Summer Special or the full range of Rotator Rod products, feel free to email us at or give us a call at 941-706-2272.

    Happy Summer Everyone!


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