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Small Bathroom Chic: Vibrant Colors Make Small Bathrooms Look Bigger

Do you live in a small apartment? Moving into an older home? Do you or your landlord not have the money or inclination to completely overhaul your outdated bathroom? Whatever your situation, there are always ways to accentuate the space you have while creating a sophisticated, spa-like feeling in your bathroom. Join us each week while we explore money-smart tips in this new recurring blog segment that features ways to update your small bathroom.
This week, make your bathroom look larger with eye-popping color! Here is a beautiful example of a bright bathroom space by Paint a Lifestyle.
Bold color and bright patterns draw your eye away from the fact that your bathroom is as large as a sardine can. Bright hues can freshen up a space, especially if your small bathroom does not receive any natural light. Be sure to counterbalance bright color with neutral tones so it doesn't become overwhelming. This technique is exemplified below as featured on Home and Garden and My Home Lookbook.
Strategically place bold color to draw your eye throughout the bathroom. Unfocused designs can reenforce the space's actual size while an organized color palette psychologically creates a larger space. Here is a great example from Domino and Bower Power.
Bright accessories can be another fun way to draw attention to details and away from the fact that your bathroom is tiny. Things like fresh flowers, beautiful soap dispensers, fun towels, and trendy shower curtains will update your bathroom. Look at the beautiful examples below of the Coachella Shower Curtain and matching accessories from Macy's and the bright pop of coral colored towels on Apartment Therapy.
Have you used bold color to transform your bathroom space? Leave your story below and let us know how it worked for you! 

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