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Stress-Free Space: How to Create a Romantic, Spa-like Atmosphere in Your Bathroom

Creating a romantic, spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom is easy. Whether you want to surprise your spouse, have some “me” time, or pamper yourself before a night out with the girls, these tips will engage all your senses to create a calming and enjoyable experience. Use this guide to help transform your bathroom into a sanctuary where you can unwind and relax. 
First set the tone with a clean, organized bathroom. A cluttered bathroom is a cluttered mind! Look at the beautiful examples of clean bathrooms above from The Simply Luxurious Life and Pinterest. Take a moment earlier in the day to return items to their place, put laundry in the hamper, and clean surfaces like the shower and countertop. Dirt and grim can be a real mood killer! 
Add atmosphere with candles in smart (and safe) places, like the beautiful examples above that are featured on Mrs. Boho and Prettie Sweet. Try scented candles to help alter your mood and relieve tension through aromatherapy. Be sure to use only a few scents at a time so it’s not overwhelming and keep all electronics away from water sources. 
If you’re drawing a bath, add some skin softening and fragrant products. Items like bubble bath, bath salts, and essential oils can help ease sore muscles, soften the skin, and add the benefits of aromatherapy. We highly recommend splurging on a nice bar of soap and loofah, as well, and using it only for these special occasions. Don't you just want to sink into those beautiful bubbles above from Seatleite?
You can also make this experience out of the ordinary by sipping champagne and nibbling on a light snack of fruit and cheese, like the above photographs from The Beehive Blog and The New York Marriott Hotel. An amazing playlist will also set the tone. It could be whatever you’re in the mood for -- sing-a-long favorites or peaceful nature sounds. A great book or magazine can also help you unwind. Engaging all the senses makes it a more memorable, special occasion. 
Finally, get your luxuriously fluffy towels, bathrobe, and slippers ready like the example above from eHow Mom. It doesn’t have to break the bank but remember: thoughtful details like this make it a special occasion instead of your everyday shower routine. 

Do you have any tips on how to elevate your normal bathroom routine into stress-free and spa-like atmosphere? Please your comments below or on our website,


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