Beautiful Bathroom Tiles – Rotator Rod

Beautiful Bathroom Tiles

I admit it! I'm a sucker for brightly-colored tiles, especially in my bathroom. Spanish-style tiles, in particular, are beautiful and add a sense of Old World sophistication to any bathroom. 

Take a look and see what I mean...

These Spanish-style tiles thoroughly compliment the bold statement made by the orange wall.
I think this particular bathroom maybe too intensely tiled. However, I like the vibe that these tiles create. Are you thinking of the Alhambra in Granada too?
These stone tiles are a bit more mainstream that the ones in the previous bathrooms. I loved how rustic and aged they look...even though they probably are brand new.

Do you have tiles in your tub space? Are you afraid of drilling when it comes time to install a new shower rod?
Rotator Rod has you covered! The only rotating, curved shower rod on the market is the only shower rod compatible with No-Drilling Required Adapters patented by German firm Nie Wieder Bohren. The adhesive used with these adapters is super-strong and ADA-approved! 
Check out the adapters here:
For more information on the Rotator Rod, please go to


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