5 Simple, Inexpensive Ways to Stage a Small Bathroom for Sale – Rotator Rod

5 Simple, Inexpensive Ways to Stage a Small Bathroom for Sale


As the real estate market in the U.S. slowly starts to remerge, we at Bathroom Bliss thought it would be a great idea to research some simple, inexpensive ways to stage a small bathroom, and make it ready for sale. We all know very well that the bathroom, whether it be the master or guest, is an enormous element within the home. Even if the rest of the house is "perfect," a tiny sub-par bathroom could leave a potential buyer running for the hills!

Here are 5 simple, inexpensive ways to stage a bathroom without wasting time, and breaking the bank on costly renovations:

1. Paint your bathroom with light, summery colors

The Darker-Colored Bathroom


Have you ever walked into another person's bathroom and thought to yourself, "wow I feel like I'm trapped inside a Gothic tomb?" Although dark colors such as navy, brown, or evergreen might create a regal, sophisticated statement in your bathroom, the chances are they will probably make your bathroom look smaller too.

I'd recommend changing the color-scheme in your bathroom to reflect a lighter, happier, and hopefully more open feeling. Some great wall colors include: baby blue, sandstone, eggshell, or teal.

An overall happier, bigger look bathroom

2. Take all of the toiletries out of your bathroom

This seems like kind of a no brainer right? Well according to the experts, a lot of sellers forget to remove all of their toiletries from their countertops, shelves, and drawers before house showings!

3. Hang a mirror opposite the bathroom vanity

Large mirrors help reflect light and create a more spacious bathroom experience. They also fill more space on the wall and are cheaper than strange bathroom art!

Kind of an extreme example as this bathroom isn't exactly small!

4. Add a plant, but just one

A nice, real or artificial, plant can add an appropriate pop of color to any bathroom. In a small, bathroom, I'd recommend placing a single plant on the top of the's not like we use that space anyways.
Floral Bathroom Accent!

5. Make your tub space perfect with a curved shower rod that rotates back into the tub

With the Rotator Rod, you can make any smaller-than-desired bathroom look larger and more inviting. 
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