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Celebrate the Royal News with Proper English Bathroom Accents

By now I'm sure you have heard the royal news from across the pond! To celebrate the new addition to the Royal Family, here is a fun guide to accessorizing your bathroom with posh English flair... even if you're a Yankee.

Artwork inspired by the British flag is a wonderful way to express your support and brighten up bathroom space. The floral pattern and pastel colors on the artwork above (as featured on Shootspaces) soften the overall look of the bathroom.

Shower curtains offer another great way to support the English. Go bold with the traditional Union Jack from Union Jack Wear, above, or add a sense of regal to the bath with the British Royal Coat of Arms from Cafe Press, below.

If you are very devoted to the cause, you can even find a Union Jack Cheshire bathtub! Look at this claw-footed beauty from TKO Associates via Dallas Design District. Do you think the Queen of England has a similar bathtub?

And what new prince wouldn't love a rubber ducky? Look at this cutie dressed up as a beefeater, a.k.a. a member of Her Majesty's royal guard. You can find him and a few other British-inspired rubber duckies on Union Jack Wear.

Do you think these accessories are fun or miss the mark? Let us know below!

Bathroom Bliss is brought to you by the Rotator Rod, the next evolution of the curved shower rod.


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