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Small Bathroom Chic: Trendy Storage Solutions Maximize Space

Who doesn't love accessories that are both fashionable and functional? Bins, shelves, and hooks aren't just a great way to store unused items; they are also a fantastic way to accentuate the space you have while creating a sophisticated, spa-like feeling in your bathroom. Plus, who wants to waste already small bathroom space with clutter? Look at how beautiful these bathrooms from Duispy and Pinterest look with storage additions!
Decorative shelving is always stylish and functional. If you are short on usable bathroom space, take advantage of all your wall space by stacking narrow shelves to the ceiling. It will not only provide great storage space, it will also draw your eye up the full length of the wall and make the bathroom look larger than it is! Here are fabulous examples featured on the DIY Network and Architecture Art Design.
Shelves will also maximize your bathroom space when put in corners, like this bathroom from Pinterest, or below a pedestal or floating sink. We love the look of repurposed step ladders as storage solutions, like this one featured on Rosebud's Cottage.
Hooks to hang towels and bathrobes are a great idea, especially for bathrooms with high traffic or small children. This boy's bathroom from My Four Misters and Their Sister is a perfect example!
Unique bins, funky jars, and beautiful baskets are great ways to organize anything from towels to cotton balls. Look at the elegant baskets in this example featured on Better Homes and Gardens and Pinterest.
Don't forget about storage space in the shower! Shower caddies and baskets are essential and come in every style imaginable. Check out our previous post Shower Caddy Chic for some inspirational ideas!

Do you have some of these storage solution suggestions already in your bathroom? Would you add more storage to get the most out of your small bathroom space?
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