The Coolest Space-Saving Tips for College Dorms – Rotator Rod

The Coolest Space-Saving Tips for College Dorms

If you're an incoming college freshman or the parent of an incoming college freshman, this article is for you...

Let's be honest, a college dorm isn't exactly luxury living. In addition to shared floor bathrooms and roommates, you're living space will be at a premium. As a result, you'll need to act smarter with how you manage your space. Below are a few awesome products and tips that can help.

The 8" Power Bed Riser

In my time as a dorm dweller, I encountered two major issues with my tiny space: (1) a shortage of properly located power outlets, and (2) a lack of storage bin space to house my irresponsibly large collection of sweaters. Fortunately, there is a product on the market that can kill both of these birds with one stone. The 8" Power Bed Riser from Bed, Bath, & Beyond allows you to increase the storage space under your bed, while simultaneously providing you with additional power outlets and USB charging ports.
8-inch Power Bed Riser, $25
Add Mirrors!
Mirrors are an excellent way to make your dorm room feel larger. Not to mention, your roommate will love you for buying them.
I'd recommend placing a full-length mirror on the front door and another next to the closet.

Storage Ottomans

I'd describe my college dorm ottoman as my secret weapon against the evil that was small space living. Seriously, you can fit so much random stuff in there! Moreover, its the perfect piece of furniture when you want to lift your feet up and relax.

Vacuum Storage Bags

These things are absolutely perfect for storing clothes, blanket, etc in between seasons. I swear by them in my closet because they solve the issue of bulky winter coats.
Over Door Shower Caddy
For your dorm's communal bathroom, consider getting a shower caddy that can hang over the shower stall door. This product will give you more space to maneuver, and help you get more organized.
Available at the Container Store
And if you're looking to add more space in BOTH your shower and bathroom space, check out the Rotator Rod.


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