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Bathrooms Meet Pop Culture: Downton Abbey and Edwardian Style

Who else out there is missing hit British soap opera Downton Abbey? It's just so scandalous and addictive. Just writing this post gets my pumped up for Season 4...which for us Americans won't start until January 2014. : (

In the meantime, I was satiate my desire for more Downton Abbey by exploring some amazing bathrooms decorated in the Edwardian style. Some elements of Edwardian style include: whites, pastels, feminine accents, florals, and everything and anything wicker. Put together properly, you'll obtain an aura of sophistication and luxury in your bathroom.

Simple and Sophisticated Definitely Equals Luxury in This Bathroom!
What could be more Edwardian than a clawfoot tub and matching pedestal sink?

Remember when I said wicker was key? Imagine you're on holiday in Bombay.
Old fashioned titles add the perfect touch too!
What are your thoughts on Edwardian style? I know some may find it a bit dull, but I really like it!


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